Pandora remains a quintessential favourite in popular hand-finished jewellery

Published: Wednesday 19 October, 2016
Pandora is unquestionably the exemplary brand name in hand-finished contemporary jewellery, and this popular brand is available in its many luxurious styles at Armand Jewellers, a certified Pandora dealer in Square One Shopping Centre in Mississauga. Jewellery lovers the world over know the Pandora name. Pandora is renowned as a designer and producer of some of the most amazing contemporary jewellery. The make is so highly sought after for its uniquely beautiful artistic designs and affordability that it’s sold at over 10,000 points of sale in over 100 countries and six continents worldwide — and Pandora has quite the impressive success story. Pandora was founded through modest beginnings in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1982 by Danish goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his wife Winnie. By the latter part of the ’80s, as the business continued to grow with the demand for its products, the first in-house designer joined the company. Later, from the years 2000 to 2009, the brand developed an international presence. Naturally, there’s much more to this story, but it’s easy to see how the success of Pandora has led to the many popular exquisite styles of jewellery that are available for you at Armand Jewellers. Pandora is popular for fashionable charms, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants. Silver, gold, two-tone and more are available in the famed product’s newest and most widely loved styles. The many exquisite colours and designs must be seen to be appreciated. For example, the choice of bracelets lets you create your own fashion persona with 14-karat gold, sterling silver or leather. Necklaces and pendants help refine your style with a beautiful sterling silver pearl necklace pendant one day, and a layered gold necklace the next. Earrings will give you that head-turning appeal or understated refined elegance. Rings come in classic, standout and stackable styles that are as unique as you are. Charms redefine the meaning of charming. As for watches, Pandora recently released a stunning collection of 10 different types of Swiss watches that is sure to excite. Armand Jewellers welcomes you to see the great Pandora line and many other types of fine jewellery. This esteemed family owned and operated business has been a distinguished seller of the finest jewellery for over 50 years!