Pandora Charms new style 2016

Published: Saturday 22 October, 2016
The most important values ​​that define our existence and give meaning to our lives are found in the PANDORA ESSENCE KOLLECTION in the form of individual charms. They enable the creation of unique designs that express the innermost feelings in a wonderful way. Jewelry is much more than just an accessory; It also marks a special moment in life and expresses feelings. The ESSENCE COLLECTION shows these feelings with three new value charms and presents a luxurious new 14K gold bracelet to give women more possibilities to express their individuality. Values ​​that are already in the program are reinvented in luminous mother-of-pearl, giving them exciting new shapes with mosaic-like texture in mother-of-pearl colors. The natural color of this luminous material is facetted to represent generosity - a heart-warming gift for a loved one. The new empathy charm is in pink; The delicate tone represents the aspect of caring for this value. And the blue-green tone of the new balance charm expresses peace, which stands in contrast to its faceted form. The importance and inner beauty of the new pieces goes beyond mere design and sophisticated craftsmanship: the ESSENCE COLLECTION creates emotional connections that are as unique and multifaceted as the women who wear them.